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Data Scientist

Welcome to my personal website! I'm Edir Garcia Lazo, an Artificial Engineer and Data Scientist. I'm excited to have you here to share my passion for the exciting world of artificial intelligence and data science. On this site I post some of my work, research, projects, and learnings I have acquired while workking on machine learning, deep learning, and cybersecurity.

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About Me

Machine Learning for security, Security for Machine Learning

I am passionate about exploring and broadening the potential of Machine Learning and Deep Learning in the field of Cybersecurity. Additionally, I focus on enhancing the security of Machine Learning systems to ensure their reliability and robustness. Currently I work at Microsoft as a Senior Data Scientist on the Core Research team for the Security Copilot. Here I explore new possibilities on how to improve core components to enhance conversational capabilities and skills. It's a very exciting team working on novel uncharted problems inherent to LLM applications. Before joining Security Copilot I worked on the Cybersecurity Artificial Intelligence Threat Prevention team developing Machine Learning models to prevent malware in millions of endpoints. It's an exciting journey of protecting and defending against threats, and I'm thrilled to be a part of it.


The difference between screwing around
and science is writing it down
– Adam Savage

I spend the majority of my time engrossed in conducting experiments or contemplating the various applications of Machine Learning.
However, there are moments when it becomes imperative to put thoughts into writing.


Improving Phishing URL Detection Using Transformers

Fuzzy Hashing Deep Learning

Using fuzzy hashing and deep learning to counter malware detection evasion


Visual intuition on ring-Allreduce for distributed Deep Learning


No audience ever complained about
a presentation or speech being too short
― Stephen Keague

I spend a significant amount of time engaged in conversations, although the majority of my speaking takes place within Microsoft. Occasionally, when I communicate externally, I tend to do so in Spanish, my native language. Here are few instances where I had the opportunity to engage in external communication.

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